Pre Order Dink!: Pickleball Facts, Fictions, and Cartoons

Maybe you’ve heard the word “pickleball,” but you want to know what all the fun is about. Or you’re already an enthusiastic fan and want to celebrate the ins, the outs, the dillballs, the chops, and the falafels of it all. Enter Ellis Rosen, resident cartoonist for In Pickleball magazine and frequent contributor to The New Yorker. Rosen is a master of communicating this fantastic sport’s primary characteristics with subtlety and wit. Alongside background on the game—its founding in 1965, the mysterious origins of its name, and more—Ellis will relate some tips for improving your on-court moves, a lovingly humorous glossary of pickleball terms, and some cheeky nods at pickleball culture. A celebration of community in addition to a what’s-what and how-to guide to this unique and amazing sport, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift for the pickleball lover in your life.


Ellis Rosen is acartoonist, writer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. His work appearsregularly in The New Yorker, as well as The New York TimesMADMagazine, The Washington Post, WiredTheParis ReviewLate Night with Seth Meyers and AirMail. He has also done several comics for the Daily Shouts section He is the co-editor for the upcoming cartoon anthology: Send Help! Read his weekly cartoonseries, Junk Drawer at

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